Birthday with Clique


So apparently the three of them had been planning a birthday for me since 2 weeks ago. And I was spoiling it all /:

1. Yesterday Amanda wanted to send me a fb message as part of the long chain of messages. But I deactivated my fb, so she had to send Christine a panic message instead hahaha. I learnt my lesson. Will not deactivate my fb anymore >.<

2. Last night when Amanda contacted me to ask me if she could come over, I wanted to change venue to Jurong Point cos I had driving lesson. So their party plan at my house ended up in AMK Hub instead x:

3. When I met Amanda, Christine and hj were alr hiding at New York New York, but I wanted to eat MOF. So Amanda had to think up an excuse to bring me to New York New York.

4. I was busy talking to Amanda so I just blindly followed her into the restaurant. When we were halfway into the restaurant, Amanda told me {how come we walk in without queuing up?} then I suddenly remembered need to queue so I ran straight out of the restaurant to queue up. By then, hj and Christine were ready to surprise me, but they failed cos I went back outside!

BUTTT they lied to me about some non-existent necklace thing. I had to think so hard about how to find the exact same chain as the one Amanda had. And prepare a few for backup also cos I think those designs were nicer. In the end it was all a lie to lure me out x: And the necklace didn't succeed either cos there was no charm cos it was all a lie! D:

In any case, I feel so happy cos birthday came on time this year! ^___^ I remember in 2011 I had mine with Christine's which was like 4 months late O:

And also, Amanda surprised me with a birthday card! :D

Yesterday, when I finally reached the last stop of my chain of messages, which was Instagram, I saw that Amanda reused the picture of the card she made for me last year. And I was like okay can ._. so I wasn't expecting a card today.

Amanda, I got to admit, your card making skills getting better and better every year. I went back to flip all the cards you gave me. And last time was this one piece of A5 paper that you drew an iPhone on. Then my big colourful ABC book with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the middle which is flattened now. It can't stand up anymore /: Then last year was the 3D ribbon. And this year I no need act surprised cos it was really a surprise! I got an explosive card! :D