Bonjour À Paris

Today wasn't a really good start to the trip. I FREAKING LOST MY PHONE TO TWO KIDS WHO DISTRACTED ME AND STOLE IT /: on the bright side, I lost my phone after I changed my card to the France SIM, so my Singapore SIM is still here with me ^_^ and also, there ain't much in my phone except for my contacts and past texts and photos, so after my one month I'd have to go back to sg and rebuild my network and ask for photos again ._. for all cloud computing technology has done for the world, I have not used it. That's like lost information. Forever.

Also, I didn't bring an adapter! So smart right. I thought I left it in my luggage alr. Apparently not, so I have to borrow from belle instead. I also did not bring any eyeshadow at all, despite my entire makeup kit. 

I bought 24 postcards on the first day here alr;

They were cutely irresistible. But then again, I lost my phone with all the addresses of people who wanted postcards D: So to all those who want a postcard, please tell me your address again.

Hope my next month turns out well despite the unkind but still kind first day here >.<