Fat • Die • Me

I've been having sooo many buffets of all sorts recently. I'm seriously going to gain weight ^_^ or at least I hope to.

Starting with the awesome buffet at Coffee Terrace for dinner in Genting last Wednesday, I had steamboat buffet with some of the YPCs on Saturday after V1 at 天天火锅.

Then Monday was ice cream buffet with clique at Seventh Heaven. We went there cos of some groupon voucher Christine found. Christine and jm had 15 scoops of ice cream each within the two hours, I had 12 scoops and one soup a-la-carte. Hj and Amanda had 12 scoops of ice cream as well.

Amanda was damn sad cos she was our tester so she had to test all the weird weird flavours like Superman and Candy Floss (view Christine's Instagram). In the end she couldn't continue eating XP but the Superman worked wonders for Christine when hj decided to eat durian flavoured ice cream x: this just goes to show that there are good and bad sides to everything. Haha how did I suddenly become so philosophical.

Me and Christine also took a photo with the ang moh waiter cos he was really entertaining and a great sport! All waiters should have this kind of enthusiasm. I think he was more intrigued by us. Especially how I didn't have breakfast or lunch before the ice cream buffet and how jm went for second round in like a few minutes. Haven't seen people who eat like us yet I guess haha. I was supposed to edit the photo before I upload it cos Amanda has bad photography skills. But I haven't found the time to do so cos I'm in Indonesia now.

Yesterday (Thursday), I had shabu-shabu buffet here in Indonesia. Weird right. Who goes to have jap food in Indonesia. And it proves that we should never do such weird stuff cos the food isn't nice! Frozen and unfresh. The only fresh stuff were the veges and fruits which were grown locally. But Indonesian food here is awesome :D especially the restaurant we had for lunch yesterday was great! Look forward to pictures when I get back from Indonesia!

This morning was the normal intercontinental breakfast buffet that most hotels serve. And so would be tmr morning.

After so much feasting, maybe let me at least put on 2kg please. I alr lost that 2kg to the extraction surgery. Yes, I am less than 40kg now. So it's not asking too much just to go back to normal right? Though what I really want is to be at least 50kg /: I hope that happens after my one month of enjoyment in France!