Genting 2013

Last week, Tuesday to Thursday. Finally after so many failed attempts at trips, clique finally went to Genting. Forget Melbourne, Switzerland, Seychelles, Christmas Island, Greece and all those ambitious plans. 3 days and 2 nights in Resorts World Genting was more than enough. I haven't been there in 10 over years, but nothing seems to have changed. Christine we missed you ): see you tmr! :D

Although we stayed in one of the not-so-expensive hotels, because the one we wanted to book was fully occupied, the hotel was surprisingly clean and pleasantly decorated. The only downside was the lack of an aircon and wifi. No aircon was okay, because Genting was cold, so the fan was more than enough. But no wifi in the room meant that the moment we sat down for food, all the phones would be whipped out.

Hj was super paranoid, when we reached the hotel, we had to knock on the door before entering, place our shoes the other way, and at night, we had to cover the mirror;

Food in Genting was AWESOME :D thanks jm for researching on the food spots ^_^ even though there were lots of food all over the place, all the good food were concentrated in Maxims Hotel. Which we could not find, because the hotel changed name, but no one bothered to update the signages -.-

Dinner on the first night was European food, at Bubbles & Bites (Maxims Hotel);

This my gnocchi;
It was really good, and so were all the other food too. But the place didn't have wifi, if not I would have ordered desserts to spend more time there hehe x:

Breakfast the next day was Bakery (Maxims Hotel);
Another great meal with pastries ^____^

Then dinner was buffet at Coffee Terrace (Maxims Hotel). Fantastic buffet omg. Jm ate over 20 pieces of sashimi, cos she ate tuna sashimi too, though me and Amanda only had salmon sashimi, and hj doesn't like raw fish. Then final day's dim sum breakfast was at 好友记 (Maxims Hotel). All other food we had elsewhere were not so good, especially the chicken rice for our first day's lunch which the chicken was cold and hard ._.

Itinerary was totally screwed up. We didn't follow it. When we arrived, we decided not to go to the strawberry farm because jm didn't know how to go, so we went to the temple instead;
We didn't get to climb the pagoda cos it was closed. But we went to walk the 十层地狱 the other way around =.=

Next day was theme park;

This is at the ride I am most afraid of;
I have an irrational fear of bumper cars, which in this case is bumper boats. Just like how I scream at cats and dogs when they get too close for comfort.

Other than that, the roller coasters were slow, queue for go kart was insanely long.

The most fun ride of the day was the Stinger. It's a new water slide ride for kids. It wasn't scary in itself, me and Amanda were chatting and laughing on it. It was fun cos of the getting wet :D the only scary part was that when we just sat on the float, lightning and thunder came. And it was a wet ride O: I seriously wanted to get off. After jm got drenched (idk why the rest of us were relatively drier), we went straight back to the hotel to take a bath. And it started to downpour. Lucky us ^___^

Then we went to FOS where Amanda and jm bought a few guy's shirts because the guy's shirts were obviously better designed than the girl's. Then we went to 唱K, or more like listen to jm's solo concert haha.

Next day, we went food hunting for 豆沙饼.

Then we went back to Singapore.