Home For A Week

if you can't make out what's written on the papers, it spells kellie

Guess who were waiting at the arrival gate for me with a welcome party when I came back into Singapore yesterday! :D I was sooo touched omg (': I thought you all would go home after sending Sarah off. Especially since my plane was delayed at the Jakarta side. But anw, since I had a 8-men welcome party for a 3 day trip, should I be expecting a 80-men welcome party for my 30 days in France? The airport staff will be wondering who is coming in without informing security XP

I'm kind of really lazy to write now, so just spam pictures first!

The resort;

Resort facilities;
airsoft gun. it's proven that i'm a natural marksman. 百发百中 :D

obstacle course leading up to flying fox. DAMN FUN CLIMBING ABOVE THE TREETOPS ^___^

ATV Drive.


And also a swimming pool, sauna etc.

Indo food is awesome! Especially their chendol. This is the food place that had the awesomest food throughout the whole trip;