How to Recognise Your Luggage

Cos my family loves to buy Samsonite luggages, which is really getting too common nowadays, and also cos my sisters love to draw, so we came up with a new way to recognise our luggages! :D

Dinosaur-themed luggage;
Please don't ask me how my sister ever thought of the idea of having dinosaurs on the luggage. I wonder why too.

{C} for either {Colleen} or {Celine};
So selfish right. These two people are making sure that I can't use this luggage ever.

So ya, these are actually really simple. Just buy sticker paper and start drawing! The dinosaurs and the {C} were hand-drawn and coloured in by my sisters. Maybe the stickers look printed on the photos above, but if you see it close up, the colouring is really quite unevenly done.

I thought they should have used those big pieces of sheet tape to laminate and protect the pictures from scratches and mishandling, but whatever. Just let it peel off and die. Then the luggages can have a new theme! ^___^

Now's my turn to design my luggage. Wish me happy drawing (: