La Fête De La Musique

Yesterday was a super 梦幻 day at Disneyland Paris;

Everything there was sooo pretty and the whole thing was done in a really 用心 way. Totally loved it, especially the Fantasyland part ^__^

But then at night we got locked out of our apartment and paid 130 euros to solve our problem at midnight T___T

Today was Summer Solstice, so it was La Fête De La Musique. There was even a magic show! :D But La Fête was only a night time event, so in the daytime was Eiffel Tower;

Chio right the picture! I'm in LOVE with it. This is another reason why everyone needs a zilian tripod. I'm supposed to photoshop it and enhance the colours for Merilyn to use it as her fb cover pic. But I'm so lazy tonight. Might do it tmr or some other time then.