Pancake Buffet

they have great service! i say that because while we were having our meal, they came over to ask if we wanted them to help us take a group picture hehe ^_^

I went with Kaiwen and Choo Chin and Eileen to Nook on Friday afternoon for pancake buffet. This is another addition to the {Fat • Die • Me} series of buffets within this month;

The gathering was meant to be a birthday celebration for me ^_^ Eileen gave me a book on Clichés and Platitudes, so hopefully I will start spouting words of wisdom soon heh. And there was cake too! :D

Nook is like so so so ulu omg. Hidden in some private estate area. But inside the cafe, it doesn't seem like we are in a ulu place. It's crowded enough.

The griddle is absolutely non-stick it's so amazing.


We ordered four of the flavours since one person was only entitled to one;
Don't see the bottle look so small. It's never ending o.o

Then we started doodling on the griddle with the bottles of batter;
heart and mickey mouse

banana-flavoured banana

smiley (:

PIGGG ^..^

tree of hearts

treble clef

four-leaf clover

bee and honey

playing tic-tac-toe on the griddle


We also drew a snowman, a star, diamond-heart-clubs-spade, bow-and-arrow, cherries, swiss roll, etc. There were too many to take photos of all of them. Idk if we were spending more time eating or drawing ._. but most impt was that we were having fun!

Then after a while it started to get to our eyes. Idk what it was, but it was highly irritating we were tearing )': So anw we were almost done so we just left. Lesson learnt not to spend more than 1.5hrs near that griddle.