Sainte Maries De La Mer

us at the top of the sainte maries church

Today's outing was to this pretty little town called Sainte Maries De La Mer because it's where Sainte Marie and Sainte Marie's tombs were found. And it's a place next to the sea. The style of the town is very much Mediterranean. That's expected since it's next to the Mediterranean sea afterall.

In this town, there was this incredibly delicious glacerie. {Glacerie} refers to an ice-cream shop, because {glace} is ice-cream in French. The glacerie had many many interesting flavours of ice-cream, like kinder bueno, pistachio, smurfs (that's some bright blue ice-cream), rose, lemon with alcohol etc.

In the town, I bought four uber cute hairclips too! \(^_^)/ I had only brought along one butterfly hairclip to France which I have alr worn twice, so now I have four new ones to use for the rest of the trip hehehe.

Anw, I guess a lot of people alr know how madly in love I am with Skin Food. And I have since come to realise that it is not for no reason. Because my skin had been feeling really taut in this dry weather, so I decided to put on the overnight cream mask, and the next day, I was feeling real good in my own skin! :D The mask that I just referred to sadly is not on sale in sg. The sg collection of Skin Food is really pathetic.

The BCBG collection in sg is also really pathetic as compared to France. BCBG in sg really lives up to the meaning of BCBG, which is a short form in french for {Bon Chic Bon Genre}, a term to describe girls who are flirty to a connotation of slutty. But BCBG in France is really chic and stylish and at a decent price during the town's 50% sale days O:

I hope my phone comes quickly. I've been feeling isolated from the world without a phone D: Especially since I'm here in Montpellier alone. I really hope I can connect back with sg soon, and also with the rest of them living with the other families. If not, can people please Line with me? Although this may not be common knowledge, but Line is also an IM and a smartphone app. So I have Line on my com! And that is like my only other connection with the world besides fb now .___.