Updates from Montpellier

Today we went to Sète, a small town nearby Montpellier. And also to a pebble beach. I didn't play in the sea nor wear my swimsuit because idk why either. Such a waste of luggage space to have carried two swimsuits all the way here and render it useless right. I brought two because I brought one set of bikini, and another 超级保守 shirt and pants swimsuit set because I might suddenly feel fat and not in the mood for bikini /: And I also brought a beach dress. Those kind of translucent dress to wear over the bikinis.

I would have preferred to spend my time in the Montpellier city centre today though, because today is the start of sales in Montpellier. Everything at 50% off O.O I am so going to the sales tmr with my bimbo partner Merilyn hehe ^___^ but even before the sales begin, I alr went to the bookstore and spent something like €140 on pretty books.

The entire language school and hosting thing has been pretty decent. In fact, it has been much better than I had expected based on previous school exchanges. Except for my food woes. But today I had one super awesome homemade icecream that I am going back to buy again tmr! I'm so glad the ice cream place is near the school (:

Last thing before bedtime, I edited the colours of the LOVE photo;

I guess everyone can tell I brightened the colours, and double-brightened the colours of the people in fact. And I coloured the sky blue hehehe.

Comments please so I can improve it! Cos I really really love this pic and I hope to make it look as unedited as possible, but not leave it like this;
this is the original

Good nights! It's 10.30pm here.