Today was Montpellier's largest flashmob, held at La Place de Comédie by the Office du Tourisme Montpellier, and put together by teachers and students of all the language schools in Montpellier. It was my first ever flashmob, and I attended it together with Clara and Si Rui, and also my classmates (: there was supposed to be food provided by the Tourism Office for the students after the dance, but I didn't know about it.

The flashmob was a simple choreography, with only like five moves to remember. And the square was crowded with students dressed in white and teachers in red. They can flashmob in sg during NDP haha. And all of them (including me) were wearing this peculiar sunglasses with words printed on them.

We were quite an obvious bunch of students in white, all wearing weird sunglasses, standing in a circle and there were professional cameras all around. I wonder how that makes it a flashmob when it is quite obvious something is about to happen. Nonetheless, it was a high and interesting afternoon dancing for the Montpellier lunch crowd. And also for the tourists.

In the later afternoon, I took the toy train ride around the city centre for a little me time (: Then there was this taxi which halted right in front of our tram due to an overheated engine, and we ended up sitting in the tram just waiting for another tram to come take us. It was a pretty interesting experience hehe.

I'm absolutely lazy to upload peektures right now, so just wait for it either on instag or fb. Actually I alr uploaded a pic on instag this afternn. And talking about photos, someone supposed to send me photos to complete a bday surprise for this sat and it's like damn fail cos I haven't got the pics yet >.< I hope part 1 of the surprise which I prepared since 1 July doesn't fail me ._.

It's my last day in Montpellier tmr. We're heading back to Paris on Saturday morning. I sure am going to miss this place with the laidback culture and easy-going lifestyle. I will also miss my host and my roommate. I will miss the 50% off agnes b. and Hugo Boss and all the big brands. I will miss Sauramps Librarie.

But I'm glad I'm going home. Because I miss home. I miss family. I miss noodles. I miss fruit juice. I miss my fan club peeps. Most impt, I want to be there for the girls who are having a really hard time now. Please let it get better for them.

Lots of love xx