Halfway Through

photo credits: fluffy mushy

Bonjour de Montpellier encore! :D I have been here for 1.5weeks alr, and that means I'll be heading back to Paris next weekend. Then it'll be the end of the trip and I go back to Singapore ._.

The best thing that happened yesterday was the arrival of my phone! ^___^ I have been awaiting it since the multiple failed delivery attempts. Seriously the French are such slack people. Do they not understand the urgency of a phone?! Usually here in Montpellier I go to bed at 11pm because I have nothing else to do, but yesterday I was busy setting up my phone, so it was slightly past midnight before I went to bed. And today I bought a 3G card for my phone in France. This time, no one is going to do weird stuff and take it away from me >.<

On Sunday, my host took in another student from Poland, and now she lives in the room next to mine. I'm quite glad for the company (: although I can't pronounce her absolutely Polish name. She doesn't speak much English, but we still communicate pretty well in French. She shared with me some delicious Polish sweets. WHY DOES SG NOT HAVE SWEETS LIKE THESE. I shared a packet of milo with her. I hope she likes it!

Food here in France is great. Seriously. Like any food along the street is more than just decent. In sg, to buy food along the streets for $3 will most prob not get one anything more than just a tummy-filler. But here, even the worst food I have had is much better than the 叉烧包 from the kopitiam auntie. And of course, not forgetting the ice-creams! \(^_^)/

On the topic of food, today I found a Chinese tea shop that sells top-grade Chinese teas, and for a pretty reasonable price. I got to smell the tea leaves and I remembered the cup of tea I had when I was in Paris, and I really know the good stuff from the not-so-good stuff, so I decided to buy a box of Chinese tea. Not like I don't have enough at home, and not like I can't buy them from China. But still, it's impt to acknowledge a good shop when you see one. Also, the shop sold 茶包纸 in a really interesting fashion, and I spent about €10 buying 200 pieces of 茶包纸 to 泡花茶. Cool stuff. Now I can 包花茶 using the dried flowers I bought in the Organic Market on Saturday in my new 茶包纸 ^___^

Looking forward to Weishan's dance with Jeremie tmr! XP