La Fin De Montpellier

Tmr morning we leave Montpellier. That marks the end of our 3 weeks in this cozy little town in the south of France. I haven't left, and I'm missing it alr ._.

On our first week here, we told ourselves that we had a lot more time to spend in this place, so we ended up always saving things for later. But today, we were taking pictures of our tram, our familiar macs outside La Place de la Comédie where we had spent many hours, because we can't wait for later. We just might never see them again ):

I remember on the first day here, I had an awesome time wondering around the square with my host, and I learnt to operate a dishwasher. I remember the McFlurry which is so much better here than in sg. I remember Jeff, who should remember us too. I remember the wonderful people who came from all over the world to experience the joy of French. I remember the Taiwanese, the Finnish, the Scottish, the Canadian and the German. I remember the lessons, the teachers, the classmates, and the guided tours. I especially loved the evening with Occitan dance. I remember Sainte-Maries-De-La-Mer, Carcassone and Sète.

Sadly, for our last excursion, Jeremie was not with us. He has been a great guide, always looking out for the 'singapouriens' who are always slow, late and coming running towards the bus.

Barbara was really elated to receive our card and photo. She said it's her first time being appreciated as a guide. I'll miss her loads. She's always walking at the back with us, chasing us to hurry up since the very first day. Awesomely cute.

I sincerely wish all those who are continuing their stay with IEF all the joy they can get from being in France and learning the French language, and all those who have returned home all the best in life.

I miss you.