La Tour De France et La Tour De Pèlerinage

The 100th La Tour De France is happening right now and it passed through Montpellier while I was here! :D Such a coincidence right! For all our planning for La Fête De La Musique and La Fête National, we completely missed out on thinking about La Tour De France /: I'm so glad we managed to be part of this event too.

The cyclists arrived in Montpellier last evening, and left again for the north this afternoon. This morning in IEF, Léonel was describing to me how much fun was it at the La Tour De France endpoint for 4th July, which I had missed out on. There were cool freebies (not the cheapskate kind) and food and party and all the hapz stuff. Trying to make me jealous only D: But I had my evening spent dancing fun fun Catalan Dances so that's even.

In the afternoon, I went for the La Tour departure and I was standing right by the starting line watching the cyclists get ready for the start of today's leg of the race. It was super coool~ There were many people calling out to their fellow countrymen and cheering each other on, each trying to be louder than their fellow counterparts from other nations. The atmosphere was awesome ^___^ Too bad I didn't see any Singaporean. If not I'd get a chance to scream 加油 at him!

For freebies, I got a scarf. It is damn chio omg. Seriously if people were to give out scarfs along the streets in sg, the quality is highly doubtful. But this scarf I was given looks like I can spin it in the washer at high speeds hundreds of times. Like wear it everyday of the year for 5 years. Good stuff. There were also funpacks on sale, 10 items for €20. It's seriously cheap because it included one event shirt, and the event shirt itself costs €20. But it was sold out by the time I got there D: I wanted to buy one pack on the way to school in the morn but they said the sales start only at 9.30am. But by the time I got there after class at 11.45am, they were sold out >.< And there was another La Tour merchandise beach towel which was absolutely pretty and fit for me to bring to the beach. But it was €40. S$70 for a beach towel? I would have, if they printed the number 100 on it.

pictures of la tour soon to be uploaded on fb


For excursions this weekend, we visited St-Guilhem-Le-Desert this afternn, and will be visiting Arles and Carcassone tmr and Sunday respectively. All these towns are along the same pilgrimage route towards some holy place in Spain. It'll be tiring to wake up so early all weekend, but I'm pretty glad for these little trips out of Montpellier put in place for us by the school. They have been really thoughtful.

Montpellier is a pretty nice place to live in. It's alr my last week here, and I hope to make the best use of my last few days! I'm really thankful for this trip because Montpellier would not be a place I would choose to visit by myself. Honestly speaking, if someone asked me where I'd visit if I were going to the south of France, I'd say Nice, Marseilles, Toulouse etc. I had actually never heard of a place called Montpellier before this trip. So I'm grateful that Nobelle + NUS brought me here.