Making Bath Salt

Last night, me and yx met kj, ek hwee and tiff at NLB to attempt to cool off the admin fire burning in them, or so they call it. All I really wanted to do was to let them take a 2hr break from admin matters. And the activity for the evening was to make bath salt;

The platform at NLB outside Hans has since become my favourite spot to do crafts in a group cos it's an open space, and no one really cares what mess is created there.

Yx was actually my surprise guest, but then he was tricked by tiff and kj into telling them he was the surprise guest. Not bad leh their trick! XP

Part One. The Hidden Message 
We drew lots to find out who our partner was, where partner means the person who the completed jar will go to. On a long strip of paper, we wrote our secret hidden message on one side and the name of the person on the other side;

Then we stuck on the paper to the jar using tape. We had to cover the whole piece of paper with tape to prevent water from coming into contact with it. And the most successful person was yx;
No surprise right. He is the logs after all.

And kj took forever to stick the tape on, idk what she was doing also ._.

Part Two. Making the Bath Salt 
Idk if I should call it body scrub or bath salt actually. It is salt, but its actual purpose is a body scrub.

1. Mix sea salt and soap in a bowl until a paste-like mixture;

2. Add the smells. I used tea leaves for this. I brought the new teas I bought in France, some dried flowers like rose and hibiscus for flower smells, and a lemon and orange. I think I brought too little tea leaves cos the smells were covered up by the smell of the soap /: yx got a really exotic smell because ek hwee squeezed the lemon and orange into it, and even added rose petals. The citrus will make it really refreshing to use! :D

3. Food colouring for the different colours. The food colouring is truly potent. One drop and the whole thing changes colour. Two drops, and it is too dark alr. While the rest made single colours, I made a yellow-white-yellow combination for tiff;
quite obvious which one is the one i made. kj made the green one for me (:

And that's it! The only problem now is to finish using all the body scrub then we can read each other's secret hidden message.