NDC Pre-Event 1 + NE2

So I finally arrived back in Singapore after having spent exactly 30 days away from home. The last few days of the trip were really draining because I wanted to go home badly.

The next day after I arrived back in Singapore, it was NE2. If I had not left YPC I would have been at the Float. But since I have left, I went to the concurrent event happening at *SCAPE, the NDC Pre-Event 1 to visit the poor lonely admin girl for about 15mins;

That afternoon, I bought my first bubble tea in almost 1.5 months ^___^ 奶盖, how I've missed you ♥ And also, I was sporting enough to take a balloon and be part of their photo collage;
But then Deryk thought that I had a stupid and fail message because Singapore is alr the happiest country on the planet D: I DON'T CARE I AM GOING BACK NEXT WEEK TO WRITE A SMARTER ONE.

Then after, I bumped into ade who was in knitted wear just like me!
stolen off ade's instagram

After that, dinner at my grandparent's house, where we had the treats I bought from Jacques Genin. Everyone loved them ^___^

Finally, to end the day, I had supper with the YPC and some others at Makan Sutra until about 2am :D 
They kept me, yx and jamie, jeff and leo standing outside the Float for a really long time, and they all came out all shagged after that.

I gave them pens from Disneyland because the YPC needs to write a lot. So thoughtful right me! ^_^ And I brought for them Jacques Genin and Maxims too. So they all took some home except for some irritating person who insists that he will not eat them because I bought them for my fans. FINE. GRRR >.>