Just less than a month ago, I was deprived of milk because supermarkets in France do not sell drink-size milk cartons. They are sold by the litre T___T but they have awesome fromage blanc which I will not be able to find in sg anymore because Carrefour pulled out of our small and tiny market. Carrefour's fromage blanc tastes better than our normal fresh yogurt, even though they are technically the same thing.

Generally, my family does our regular groceries at NTUC Fairprice. It's really convenient because we have a Fairprice Finest at Thomson Plaza, and Fairprice Extra at AMK Hub, and both of them are super near my house. We go there about once a month, and then we buy everything we need for the next month all at once. Items frequently spotted on the shopping list would include Magnum ice-cream, breakfast cereal, biscuits, Famous Amos cookies and tidbits of all kinds. Me and my sisters love grignotes. That's why it's usually the snacks that need stocking up on. All other stuff we buy depends on whether or not they are depleting quickly in my house. On the topic of Magnum ice-cream, I haven't tried the new Magnum Pink and Magnum Black ._.

NTUC is also a really good place to buy craft stuff. Sometimes when household items are required for the work, I go there to get stuff too. Usually I do last minute shopping for craft materials, so going to one near my house or on the way home from wherever I am helps. And it was also there that clique went to get baking items which we have not yet used! D: before we embark on our Bintan trip can we first complete our baking?

Another supermarket I will remember really well is Cold Storage at Taka. It's the place to get Meji Strawberry Milk after a meal of fried spaghetti. And of course, Jason's Marketplace at Raffles City. That's the supermarket the clique visits most often. Especially since we usually meet around that area + bus 14 stops there.

Why I decided to write this post about my memories of how supermarkets are, is because today I had one big note and $0.90 in coins in my wallet. I didn't want to break my big note over a small bite because I 嘴馋, and if I went to a Canele and paid for a $7 cake using a $100 note, the cashier most probably would kill me. So I went to Cold Storage in Plaza Sing to look for something I could eat with 90 cents. Idk why, but there was nothing I could buy with 90 cents, except for a mini packet of Lays Potato Chips, $0.85. Even the mini Pringles were $1.35. Then I suddenly realised, supermarkets are no longer the same /:

It's not that I did not know that most things cost at least $1. But I usually make payment without thought or at least trying to remember how much each thing costs, and somewhere in my memory it says that there will be something my 90cents can buy to fill my tummy. Inflation has finally hit me hard.