The Better Choice

In MCQ, the answer is a standard. But in life, the grass is always greener on the other side. Sounds cliché? But it only contains the truth because it is only platitudes like this that withstand the test of time. All the other faux sayings would just end up being lost in history.

When we make choices, we contrast our own happiness and other's happiness, our present joy and future joy, our current sacrifices and future sacrifices, and then we strike a balance between all of them, and conclude that we have made a wise choice. Thereafter, we are always told not to look back. Because when we do, we start to question ourselves whether choosing the other option available back then would have resulted in a better ending. Whether or not it would have increased the net amount of happiness brought about by that fateful decision would forever remain a mystery.

But just like the 一千块钱和两百块钱的裙子, there is no such thing as trying out the choices and then deciding later. No one can turn back the clock, change the decision and give it a trial run before doing what has been proven to be the best. We all can only attempt to predict what may happen, and then hope for the very best.

It is on days like this when things do not work out the way I foresaw it to be, that I start to imagine the very best of the other option. Because I have not yet been put through the bad experiences of the other option, so it still remains as beautiful as I had always wanted it to be. 

It has been a couple of weeks now, and problems with my better choice have begun to surface. It seems now like the problems of the other option would have been easier to handle with regards to my capacity. Maybe that would have been the better choice. But then again, I will never know the answer.

So since it's an unsolved riddle, I shall stop brooding over it. And instead, enjoy the moment for what it is.

The moments of the past few days were the three consecutive excursions to St-Guilhem-Le-Desert, Arles, and Carcassone. Carcassone is apparently the largest preserved fortified city from the medieval times in the whole of Europe. It was a pretty view from the top of the castle, but I still preferred St-Guilhem-Le-Desert more.

Arles was a disaster. We were in the bus with these group of rude and rowdy Swiss teenagers who completely have no manners. They put their legs on top of our headrests, stared at us and were a bunch of brats. Also, there is another German girl in my class in IEF who caused me to do my presentation twice. Do they have issues with Asians or what. Seriously, I now have a pretty bad impression of European youths. Okay, maybe not that bad. My roommate is really nice, and so is Christina, another German girl from my class. I want to take a photo with her on my last day in the school! :D

On Saturday evening, my host brought us out for on-board-the-sea dining;

And today, I reciprocated by cooking Chinese cuisine for dinner for her and her neighbours and my roommate. Of course, with the help of Nobelle, Vanessa, Wei Shan, Merilyn and Jeanette. It was a fun afternoon activity. I am really looking forwards to cooking at Wei Shan's house this Wednesday! ^___^