Jiamin's Farewell Party

amanda, although i'm glad you started to make use of your instagram account, but your arrangement is such a spoiler =.=

Finally after a whole month in France and a few weeks more, the clique meets again! :D

First up, was the Starbucks one-for-one which ran out of white chocolate pudding ):
I was buying the frapps to try out the pudding but it ran out >.< in any case, Amanda says she doesn't like it so I shall trust her taste. Otherwise I will try it again some other time.

During bux, hj was telling her story about getting punched. And $5 shoes from Aussie. And idk what other weird stuff she has to say. I'm going to be stuck in the same school with her for the next four years OMG HOWWW T____T I may sound like I dread it, but I'm really thankful for having clique still near me, and in the same school too. I really missed them while I was away in France. JIAMIN WE ARE GOING TO MISS YOU WHEN YOU IN JAPAN FOR FOUR YEARS D':

Then we queued up for dinner at 鼎泰丰. Amanda was sharing about her trembling SP. Seriously I don't understand guys who are socially awkward. I mean, I do recognise the fact that in Dunman High, we are overly socially unawkward around the opposite gender, but I still don't understand highly extremist socially awkward people. It was sooo funny listening to Amanda, no one could stop laughing hahaha. And now, hj wants a SP like that too. I'm sure she's going to regret it if it really happens XD

After dinner, I gave out the caramels from Jacques Genin;

Then shopping + nonsense time in Ripples, Accessorize, Paper Market, NBC, Topshop and random walking around. I need to prepare a shopping list for jm in Korea alr ^_^

Supper was the jams I got from France!
So much for claiming that no one could eat anymore. In the end we finished five croissants. And I went to get the croissants from Paul's Bakery just to complete the french feel about the jams and all of you were late. HMPHHH D:

To end off the day, we had crazy clique photo time. Because we claimed that we will not see jm anymore for the next four years and this was her farewell party XP

with clique, every moment is a happy one (: