Clique Studio Photoshoot

Clique was in a mad rush after school. Of course, this excludes jm who came from home. Our after-school activity: a photoshoot at Cheezz Studio! ^___^

Their studio has an amazing concept where we get to take the photos ourselves using a clicker. We chose a white background cos we wanted to wear colourful clothes. In the end, we didn't even have time to change into our other clothes anw ._. The studio provides a multitude of props for use. And it wasn't expensive. This was one of the cheapest studios we found. Sadly we only booked for one hour D:

Me, Christine and hj put on our makeup in a toilet at jp, and Amanda had to do hers in a cab on the way to the place. WE WERE LATE HAHAHA. Jm had alr reached there early cos she went from home, so she started taking photos first. And she took so many! O:

Then when we arrived it was another mad rush to take as many photos as we could. We clicked the clicker 280 times! :D and idk why hj kept requesting for self-shots. 太不合群. Anw all her shots she only got that one pose so I really don't understand why she keeps wanting to take photo of herself doing the same thing.

I think clique outing has evolved from the mundane shopping + movie (not to say we don't still do that), to fun-filled activities like USS, Sentosa and Genting and many others. This is our 7th year and we still always manage to find new stuff to keep us going and holding on (:
Next year, japan.