Day 2 of University

School has been treating me well so far! I've met all of clique across the past two days alr.

Yesterday, on the first day school, I met Jiayu! ^___^ haven't seen that girl in a long long time. After lunch, a senior called Moses brought me to tour around U-Town cos I had to kill time while I waited for hj to come to school since she overslept =.= I was really appreciative that he was so nice, but being the 路痴 that I am, I can't actually remember anywhere he brought me to :P I mean, I know he brought me to a pool with only angmohs and a PC Commons and a food court and idk what else, but I cannot put them in their relative positions with each other >.< tours are totally wasted on me /:

Then this morning, I had breakfast with Winson even in the cold cold weather which was so suitable for sleeping in! D: good thing I live super near, I woke up only half an hour before we met. If not I'd be missing out too much on the nice weather ._.

Then I rushed out to meet amanda and jm at jem. The Vietnamese food we had there was great! ^_^ it's even better than some of the Vietnamese food I had in Vietnam O: then we went to Faceshop to get me a foundation brush. And the lady told me eyeshadows and blushers were $4 each :D one can never have too many of eyeshadow colours. So I bought 5 hehehe. The original price of the eyeshadows were $12.90 per piece.

I think jem was totally built for clique. It's like the developers knew we were going to change school from Dunman High to NUS. Last time, we had to pass by City Hall and would always stop by Raffles City for a quick snack, and now jem is the perfect place! They have everything we love, from Soup Spoon to NBC (: but I still prefer to be in town, because when we needed something else Raffles City couldn't offer, we would take bus 14 slightly further down to either Plaza Sing or 313 or Ion. But now, if we wanted something jem didn't have, we don't have another option.