End of O-Week

Technically today is the last day of O-Week, but since it's Rag, and the AOGL and House IC decided for me that it is truly a waste of time, I am preparing for the busy weekend ahead. It's almost NDP, but I'm not too concerned about that. I haven't even begin to pack my bag for the overnight stay at Pan Pac yet. In fact, starting school is a more pressing issue now that I think about it haha.

Yesterday was Finale Night at O-Week, but it was also the night before 七月. I would love to have stayed with the Best OG of the Best House (R4, Rames Bond) until late at night, especially since hj wasn't there and there wasn't a need to rush home, but then I was experiencing heightened paranoia, so I decided to go home anw. Just a side note to everyone who has outing with me within this month, I will leave wherever we are by 10.30pm so I can reach home before midnight. I know that's so unlike me who will party until the next morning, but just bear with it for this month ya.

Flagging yesterday was really tiring. I knocked off at about 11am, after working hard for about 3hrs. It was a weekday, and there wasn't much crowd. Also, we were fighting with the business people and the dentistry people and the pharmacy people. I'm glad I got about half-can full anw (:

Finale Night was just awesome. T House's song was really entertaining! But I still love my house and my OG more :D And all those thank-you speeches, awwww ♥ Special thanks to Rei, Val and Edmund for these amazing 6 days I spent together with the OG. I'll see y'all around in school ^___^ And I'll probably be back for next year's O-Week too.