FASS O-Week 2013

Me and hj were at FASS O-Week since 1 Aug, and it'll last until Wednesday. But we've been going home every night because hj says we must be strong and not stay over. Actually I honestly don't mind staying, but if hj doesn't want to stay then it's okay! My bed's more comfortable anw. And we get to make amanda come out in the middle of the night to meet us hahaha. And going home means people get less chance to find out what a bimbo I am actually. I think up until now my image still quite good hehehe.

The theme for the camp is really consistent, which I think is good! Even the OG names are part of the theme. Unlike the NDP13 V1 Pokemon 冷场. The videos they made are really nice too. But the catered food is 菜饭 without the 菜. This is when I tell the guys in army, and those at the Float, actually the food provided not bad le. You don't actually want to know what I've been eating ._.

I'm in R house and hj is in A house. We hardly ever see each other around except on the first day. The first two days were games in school, then it was Sentosa, then ECP, then today is War Games in school. I missed ECP and am currently missing War Games because I was sunburnt at Sentosa. My skin is in a really bad shape right now. WHAT IF I GET SKIN CANCER O: I shall drink more fruit juice!

Last night was the Zouk night, but we were the last 2 OGs to leave school, so we arrived at Zouk only around 11.30pm. Those who made their own way there had been waiting for us since 9.45pm .___. I didn't have dinner but I drank a little bit anw. Not enough to cause me to get drunk or a hangover. Since Zouk night was after Beach Day, most girls had very obvious tan lines from the tank-tops which showed when they wore their dresses. Terrible idea to bring revealing dresses, but they had to wear it anw. No choice. Luckily I went home so I was able to choose my clothes to hide the tan lines hehe.

I'm really appreciative of my 3 OGLs and the councilors. They have been really nice throughout the camp, taking care of our welfare and identities and trying to make things better for us. Lots of love to them ♥♥♥ Anw, I kept thinking about it then I realised that one of the people in my OG reminds me of someone I knew a long long time ago, back in kindergarten. They have the same name, and they give me the same feeling each time they smile. Except they can't be the same person because of the age gap. But I really miss that someone from long long ago. I wonder if we ever meet, will we still recognise each other?

2nd Aug was the release of our very first bidding results. I'm glad that me and hj both were able to get whatever we bid for. I need to prepare the clique timetable by this weekend so that we can pick a time next weekday evening for a clique outing before workload piles up and before jm leaves sg as well. I'm damn excited for this outing. Who wouldn't be right? It's going to be amazing ^___^