NDP 2013

Stayover at Pan Pacific Hotel was awesome ^___^ or actually awesome for me and ade only hehehe. Although the afternoon didn't start off very well, like they did not allow us to check-in because we were under 21, and they delayed our check-in time by 3hrs because they were not ready with preparing the room, but all was well :D I was wearing red shirt, white pants and moon and star earrings for NDP again. Same style of dressing every year on this day.

So since we couldn't check-in, we brought our luggage along to *scape to pick up Jeffrey's and Wee Min's bags. *scape NDC was a disaster. Organisation was really poor. But I guess overall they had fun, and that's most impt. Also, they provided free food from Four Seasons hotel, like prata and chendol and rojak;

Jw and ade were more interested in the popsicle though;

After checking out the event for awhile, which really wasn't much cos the main light-up was at night, we went back to the hotel to check-in!

We tried to open a bottle of wine which I brought from France. And we totally fail;
So we called room service to help us. Seriously, I did the same thing as the room service guy but why can't I open it! >.<

Then we called room service to help us switch on the tv. And for the non-existent wifi password. And for idk what else. I guess we made a minimum of eight calls. They must be wondering why are the people of room 2306 so problematic hahaha.

We watched NDP on tv, and then ran out of the room to catch the fireworks, national anthem and the pledge. The other guys there must have been wondering why these 3 girls so noisy.

Then we went down to the pool in the cold cold night. Ade was wearing her translucent shirt, while I was wearing white shorts. But we jumped into the water all the same cos it's just a pity we didn't bring our swimsuits. Too bad the queen didn't have spare clothes so she couldn't join us in the waddle. Jw ended up taking pics for us while I attempted to teach ade to swim;

We went back to the room for our bath. I soaked in the hot water tub for a while hehe.

Then, in our pyjamas, me and ade walked jw to Marina Square. At least ade wore shoes and combed her hair. I was totally unkempt in my uncombed hair and bedroom slippers;
our #ootd

Then we went back to the room to grab our wallets and ade to change to bedroom slippers too. The bedroom slippers are super warm and comfy omg. We headed to the hotel lobby for supper;

Then we had HTHT til the rest came from Makan Sutra. I told her about my new-found secret philosophy on love and something about the crap 3 months at the start of the year. Although we both claim to have 放手 alr, but to know something a little more to help resolve everything always helps (:

When the guys came, that was about 2am. They washed up and watched movie til idk what time in the morn. I just slept because I had forgotten to bring my spectacles, so I couldn't see the tv screen lying on the bed without my contact lenses on.

Then when I woke up, Yuhui and Jamie were in the room O: we checked out, headed to lunch, then Art Science Museum for the Mummy exhibition;

Honestly, it was a really boring and small exhibition. Not because I've seen mummies in Egypt, but even ade says so. The only perk of it was the game we played throughout the rooms. Or actually only I was playing ._. but it was booked under ade's name. She says it's so embarrassing hahaha XP

Then the free exhibition about Eames which no one knew who they were. But we had fun colouring the textures which wm was super fail at T___T but he did improve along the way (:

Then we also went to be 大朋友 at some craft booth and we made masks!
Guess which one is me! :D

Ade cheat one lor. Hers has more than half of it done by yx.