Brunch today was at OKB, which stands for One Kampong Bahru;
It's both the name of the shop and it's address too! It's kind of confusing, cos when I told Crystal we were going to One Kampong Bahru for brunch, she asked me what's the shop name. She thought I gave her the address only :P

I chose this place cos it was a light meal. I didn't want to food coma in lecture after eating. Over there, they generally serve pastries, which would not be too filling for me. Though Crystal still was full from eating half a smoked salmon wrap O:

I finally got to eat at this place that opened only early this year but was already causing a great hype on the reviews. Most of the talk was about the Sticky Bun and the Lemon Meringue Tart, which of course we tried! :D

our meal, less the lemon meringue tart which had alr been gobbled up

The lemon meringue tart and the sticky bun really lived up to their name. The sticky bun was a caramelised sweet which was just nice (: crystal thought the lemon meringue was slightly overly sour, but I found it okay. Personal preference, I guess. The smoked salmon wrap was good too. So was the roasted cauliflower soup. And the salad.

Sadly, the quiche was a little disappointing. I think they didn't do the egg very well. It's really difficult to find quiche in sg, much less good quiche. I think they should try making cheese quiche. That's my favourite flavour ^_^