Skarf Showcase

Just now, I went with X and Tse Shuen to Skarf's First Showcase in Singapore! ^___^ my other option was to watch The Conjuring so I'm really glad that X got 4 free tix to the show from Joyce :D but we only used 3 tix cos we couldn't find the last person to join us /:

It was really weird this morning cos at 10am I read a message that asked if I wanted to watch a concert tmr. Then I was wondering why anyone would hold a concert on a Monday. But it was cos at the time the message was sent, it was referring to today, a Sunday. Imagine if I didn't stupidly say I have lessons on Mondays and just agree instead, I'd be waiting outside Kallang Theatre for nothing to happen tmr .___.

The tix were worth $98 and we got a free banner each too! The most impt part of it all, was how close we were to the stage. The tix that I buy for concerts over $100 are sooo far I have to watch the show from the screen T___T

I was quite impressed by the girls. The Singaporeans dance much better than the Koreans. Joo A's voice is really powerful. The interaction with the audience was quite funny, especially the never-ending game of scissors-paper-stone cos everyone keeps cheating. And finally, the finale piece was awesome~ The timing of the music, graphics and dance all-in-one was an amazing choreography.

After the 2hr Showcase, Tse Shuen went to get Starbucks. And paranoid me really wanted to go home, so thanks X for walking me home in the dark!

Side note: X stands for the person who is supposedly on MC.