Study Spots

Now that school's in, and I have decided that I am going to be hardworking for my univeristy career, I decided to make a compilation of awesome study spots I've known but rarely used.

1. Star Vista The Kitchen
As always, I love the idea of open-air shelters with natural lighting. Also, it's really quiet over there for the simple fact that there really ain't much people in Star Vista itself. And it's near to school! ^_^ the best part is, I can dabao anything from all over the mall and bring it there to eat in the quiet without the crowd of people who must continue to talk while eating. Generally, all cafés on Level 2 are extremely quiet and conducive for studying!

2. Esplanade Library + Woodlands Library + NLB
The concept of the three is a little different. The lighting at Esplanade Library is more conducive for sleeping, but because everyone who goes there is diligently studying, it's easy to stand out by doing something different. So I'd rather not. Woodlands Library is where I get a little cubicle to myself and studying is easy cos there is no one to disturb. NLB is nice too.

3. *scape Management Room
Not a lot of people know this, but on the 4th floor of *scape, there is an open dance studio and an open study room. It's a really big space but there is not much people there even on the weekends since it's not known. The crowd usually stays downstairs where the food + flea is. Besides the fact that I can dabao anything to eat there, there is also a café to get food from while studying halfway! :D downside is that sometimes, people hold discussions there, and then it gets a little irritating if I need peace. But that is like only once out of the four or five times I've been there. In fact, most of the noise there is usually generated by me cos I used that area to hold meetings before hahaha.

4. Rochester Mall
The biggest problem with it is that I must walk there under the scorching sun. But other than that, it's like a private mall built for the residents, which I shamelessly invade, so on weekdays, it's easy to get the whole of Ben & Jerry's to myself hehehe.

5. Fusionopolis
I recently learnt of this Starbucks with no one at all yesterday! Except for the lunch hour crowd coming from those who work there.

6. UTown + Central Library
Honestly, UTown is way better than the overpopulated CLB. But CLB has textbooks. So I guess it's a trade-off. The nice thing about them is that they have computers and printers which are relatively cheaper when it comes to printing notes.

Also, I'm pretty much enjoying myself going to school alone, attending lectures alone, leaving school alone and not interacting with anyone at all throughout the day. Of course, I don't mind if people ask me to go with them or have lunch with them, but I can completely live my life without the company. That's why I don't understand why hj is so paranoid about going to lecture alone and not having friends etc. Cos to me, it's perfectly normal and alright.