The Paper Stone

It's my new favourite stationery store! ^___^ and compared to travelling all the way to Ion for kikki.k, The Paper Stone is only at nex :D And they have 4 outlets now, and 3 more to come. AND THEY HAVE A DAMN CHIO MEMBERSHIP CARD WHICH I GOT;
I gave the cashier $50 and she gave me $55 in credits (: kikki.k doesn't issue membership cards sadly, if not they'll be put together as the two chio ones hehe.

But don't get me wrong, I still love kikki.k. The difference is that The Paper Stone has a lot of cutesy designs with striking colours, but it is really only limited to stickers, files, notebooks, pens and planners. kikki.k has a wider range of stationery, including hole-punchers (which I need to get). And also boxes and other random stuffs. kikki.k is sleek, simplistic and uses lots of pastel colours.

So what I bought today;
A ring file + matching dividers! I know this is a really bad picture, but whatever. Isn't it just sooo cute? ^___^ and the file dividers each have a different forest animal on them. Altogether, the file + dividers cost only $6+. SOOO CHEAP O: sijia tried to instigate me to buy the matching notebook as well, but I decided not to, since I have no need for a notebook. But now, since I have extra $5 credits out of nowhere, I should go get the notebook right?