Yes, I watched it. Judge me now.

Anti-angmoh people like me would never watch this movie if not for kj and tiff who didn't even give me a chance to reject them. The only question I got was {Are you free on 31st Aug?} and then I suddenly was part of a movie outing. Luckily I had Huiqi with me (: Deryk deserted his ticket right before the show started, so we had one empty seat. WHY! Weren't you supposed to be anti-angmoh together with me? GRRR.

Honestly speaking, the show was not bad. The whole 3D thing was amazing. The effects were even better than Titanic in 3D O: And the amount of appreciation they showed towards their fans was really touching. On top of all that, the entire movie experience was different because I was in a room of fangirls omg. Luckily I was seated in between Huiqi and Sarah who were quiet. But other than that, I have no idea if I was watching a movie or a concert.

Before the movie, our underground Directioner wanted to visit the 1D World, but the queue was insane. It was almost snaked 3 or 4 times, even worse than B&J's free cone day. And it was out under the hot sun. So she gave up. She said she'll come back again on Monday when the queue is less long.