Cycling at East Coast Park

I reached Paya Lebar MRT at 9.30am yesterday morn! I actually set the alarm for 7.30am but snoozed til 8am. Luckily I was only 5mins late hehe. But then it started to rain so our ECP cycling plan was shelved for brunch at Cedele instead;

My salad;

Bread is free-flow with a purchase of soup so the motherly Crystal helping us to cut the bread;

Then by 12nn we decided that the rain was light enough to cycle;


This was my second time cycling. And it was much much much better than learning how to cycle in the streets of Taipei.

We cycled to Bedok Jetty, then slightly further but then decided that we would not make it to Changi Village at the rate I was cycling because Crystal had to go teach tuition, so we turned back and made a stopover at Macs for a break. But anw after that although Crystal said my cycling improved, I still think I prefer to walk. I want to go walk Henderson Waves. 9km, that's probably going to take me 2 hours.

I have concluded that Benjamin does not know how to eat. He is not so particular about taste that he ate an almost spoiled apple and a normal apple and said that they taste almost similar O: