DIY iPhone Case


From this;

I guess instructions are self-explanatory enough. It took me less than 10mins to finish doing this, and it cost only $3 for the clear case. The stack of 5 washi tape was bought during the MWL sale, and the others were bought in tw where they were cheap. Omg I am so budget hehe.

So from now on, I got a replacement for my Christmas case \(^_^)/ After I lost my phone in France, I lost my phone cover together with it. So after I got a replacement phone, I have been using the case I got for last Christmas, which I saved after I got the case that went missing with the phone. And Sijia tells me I should just keep the case on, anw Christmas is coming soon =.=

Now, I just think my phone is super chio, and it is 独一无二! ^___^