Formula 1 + Grand Prix

F1 Weekend is coming to an end tonight with the final race. Actually, there is another closing concert tmr evening whose main hype is Justin Bieber. Which I couldn't be bothered with anw, since I alr watched Big Bang on Friday night! ^___^

Thank you Joey for the tix to the Friday show for me and my sis! I guess I enjoyed the 1-for-1 waffles and Big Bang concert more than the actual race itself haha. It was the practice session so there wasn't much of a race to talk about. The cars passed by one at a time and there was no overtaking or exciting parts. There was an accident which we missed though /:

Gelaré at Suntec is having 1-for-1 waffles as part of it's re-opening;
The guys damn lousy all so full after just one waffle. I could have eaten at least 3 by myself lor. I still helped Joey to finish his. 

After Wu Yue arrived, we took a group photo with the F1 backdrop before splitting up into the different areas;

After the practice round, the guys went out to get ade and her sister, and we met back at the Padang to watch Big Bang!

This was how close we were to the stage. Didn't even have to be at the fanzone to be this close ^_^

I wouldn't pay to watch Big Bang, but since it was free, why not! I really don't understand those people who pay $500 for a F1 ticket, and then another sum for the fanzone. That has got to be the most expensive concert tix ever. Anw me and ade were enjoying our evening while the guys each bought a cup of beer at $14. Most expensive beer ever T___T

Then me and ade and joey (and my sis) decided to leave at 12.15am due to our experience that we should always prevent getting caught in the mass migration. The moment we left the Padang, we heard G-Dragon saying that it's the end of the concert alr. OMG DAMN LUCKY THAT WE LEFT AT THE CORRECT TIME.

Then on Saturday, Colleen went with my dad to the Paddock, to visit one of the Grand Prix drivers called Fabio. I actually have no idea who that is, but apparently he is the leading driver for this year's Grand Prix season. My dad was invited by Fabio to watch him race.

I wanted to volunteer for this year's F1, but didn't get the chance to, because during the sign up phase, I was still unsure of my timetable, so I didn't dare to commit. But I heard from Joey that it's a super strict selection process. For missing any event day, they will blacklist that poor person omg. There is also an interview and a lot of people with better event portfolios than me didn't get in /: F1 2013 is actually Joey's 101st event he has taken part in, no wonder he can get in. I'd better start doing more events to brush up my portfolio >.<

I know Joey and Wu Yue are going again for tonight's race. Have fun!