Missing Jiamin D:

Since it is alr 1.37am in the morning, it is the first official day without Jiamin. She's going to arrive in Japan in the next few hours, and then embark on her four year study journey there. I'm really so proud of her and so happy for her that she finally is going to live in a place and culture she so much loves. But then I also feel sad, because from the moment we said our goodbyes at the airport, I've alr started to miss her D: even though we say that we will continue to oovoo and she will continue to communicate with us on our clique chat, it is difficult to imagine leaving her out of our outings for the next few months. Technology may have brought people closer in the virtual world, but physical distance still exists )':

I can't wait for 2020 when KL will be a 1hr train ride away. Maybe by then, Japan would be a 2hr flight away. Then we could have weekend trips to see each other (: but actually by 2020, jm would be back in sg alr. But who knows, maybe jm would decide to stay there forever.

Two nights ago, as part of another farewell for Jiahui, 4H had supper at chompz. Pictures were taken with Rong's new Nikon camera, though she can't upload the pictures as of yet due to some army boy who was on MC but still decided that class supper was important enough for him to attend it at the risk of being betrayed by photographs and social media haha. But I really wanted to steal some of the pics because I am absolutely amazed at that camera's food function with the in-built colour enhancement O.O it was absolutely stunning. The camera itself can make food look more appetising than it really is. I especially loved the blue, but I'm not for the orange though. Regardless, I am still a canon fan.

The coming weekend will be farewell for yet others. Farewells are never easy, especially not when they all come at the same time. I've experienced so many farewells in my life, saying goodbye to so many people I know I'll never meet again. I wonder why I never get desensitised, but instead the pain and heartache always feels as vivid as they were, and will always be.

Yesterday, Winson introduced me to an experiment called Forty Days of Dating;
What do you do when you’re tired of the prospect of dating? Two good friends with opposite relationship problems found themselves single at the same time. As an experiment, they dated for 40 days. 
Tim is afraid of commitment, often dating many girls at once, and he’s losing sight of what a healthy relationship means. Jessica is a hopeless romantic, jumping into relationships too quickly, always looking to find “the one.” 
It’s been said that it takes 40 days to change a bad habit. In an attempt to explore and hopefully overcome their fears and inadequacies, Tim and Jessica will go through the motions of a relationship for the next 40 days: the commitment, time, companionship, joys and frustrations. Can they help each other, or will they fall into their same habits? Will they damage their friendship? What if they fall in love?
It's a really interesting experiment, and the graphics used to document all the forty days are also very well done. I finished reading the whole thing from Day 1 to Day 40, even though the diaries took forever to load due to the heavy graphics and design of the webpage. I really think everyone should take the time to read this experiment too, without skipping a day, and from the first to the last.

They had to document everything, and their penned-down thoughts were only made known to each other after the experiment, so there was nothing they could have discussed to write down together. I really enjoyed the read also because I like how the two subjects were very parallel in their thinking without them realising it at all. They know what the other is thinking of themselves, and they would both feel it at the same time. Like when Jessica says that Tim is being overly controlling, Tim would refer to that event in his journal of the same day as well!

Winson says he feels sad that in the end they decided not to be really together, and that after reading he thought about stuff. I think for having been in a relationship this would trigger a lot of thinking, but sadly I just read for the pleasure cos I have nothing to think about. No past romances or crushes or whatnots.

My blog is embarking on a new cliché project which I will release this Friday. I would love to be interesting and novel, but life is getting overly mundane with school in the way so I guess it's time to go back to the tried, tested, and proven. And I guess it'll be a good way to show some appreciation to the little things in life too. Maybe sometimes, I focus too much on the big events but miss out on all these important details that make up my everyday. I'm hoping it'll be fun! ^___^