Star Friday

Star n.
1 a fixed luminous point in the night sky which is a large, remote incandescent body like the sun
2 a conventional or stylized representation of a star, typically having five or more points
3 a very famous or talented entertainer or sports player
4 (astrology) a planet, constellation, or configuration regarded as influencing a person’s fortunes or personality
5 used in names of starfishes and similar echinoderms with five or more radiating arms

earrings, including the moon and stars one i wear each ndp
beads x key ring
paper, i think it's unclear but the background of the second sheet is dotted with stars
Big Bang on F1, even their name has a starry connotation hehe x:

Today is the first themed one, since it is the last Friday of Sept alr. Apparently Sijia told me that she is supportive of this new project, and she even asked me what colour I'm going to do next! Yayee Sijia lots of love to you~ Today is also the last day of recess week. OMG WHY D: but I think I've been quite fulfilled this recess week, so yepz thank you everyone for accommodating my crazy schedules ^___^