The Rain Has Spoiled All My Plans This Week

Enough said. What else is there to blog about if there wasn't anything going on in my life? D:

Of course, I have been enjoying good food and company, as usual. My box of praliné surprises and my Blue of London, and today I had 芋圆 with Huiqi and Crystal, which wasn't as good as the one we had in the cold weather at 九份. The one at Star Vista was chewy but tasteless. And I could taste the flour clumps. Our original activity today was to visit the Live Tortoise and Turtle Museum but we couldn't go because of the rain .___.

I think lots of plans for outdoor activities have to be scraped over the next few months because the weather is going to be less sunny and much more rainy and indoor activities to Orchard Road will have to go down the drain too because it's going to flood there. So what's there left for us to do?

I should count my blessings so I shall be a bit more optimistic about happy moments, such as the arrival of our magnets! Those magnets are a serious distraction. They are so cute and I spent so long trying to find for them the perfect arrangement on my whiteboard. And they are approximately $6.35 for a set of 9 which makes them less than $1 per piece O: 

And Joey helped me get a volunteer position at Sentosa! That's my favouritest place in the whole of Singapore ^___^ because I'm a tourist hahaha. But he also told me something about volunteering at F1 which made me feel super cheated that I didn't sign up T___T I WANT TO VOLUNTEER AT F1 TOO D:

Now, for not going out this whole week to do anything fun fun fun, I'm down with flu. Oh great.