Ade's Birthday Surprise

Successful surprise today! ^___^ ade was the one who walked straight into the surprise cos while we were all wondering how to get her out on her birthday, she asked me out hehehe x:

So we went to Stranger's Reunion for lunch. Just the two of us;

We ordered four dishes and two drinks and cleaned it all out;
Trust me, it was a super good meal. The truffle fries were simply awesome. The buttermilk waffles were crispy on the outside and soft inside. The greek yogurt went well with the bananas. The poached egg had well-done centres. By well-done I mean raw and liquid enough, not overcooked. The omelette was good with the whole meal bread too. Overall, fantastic! :D

Then while we were eating, ade said {the rest should be here to try this too}. And I was really trying to resist myself from telling her, {they are on the way alr}. While she was texting D, I also really wanted to say {actually why don't you just ask him in his face later}. It was sooo hard! >.<

Then they surprised her! YAYEE FOR A SUCCESSFUL SURPRISE \(^_^)/