Green Friday

monday: pouch x pen x grass
tuesday: staircase sign x escalator lights x floor tiles
wednesday: park bench x tree x barricade
thursday: dustbin x car park sign x road sign of my house
friday: mrt giveway arrow x battery pack x bag

I was wondering, since all plants are green, should I have taken photos of three different plants each day? But then that'll be too much of an overkill right haha. It's Christine's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D I would love to have celebrated it today, but I'm at Sentosa's Spooktacular being a spookie. We'll make it up to you real soon! >.< Also, Namfon came to Singapore yesterday, and I took my first photo since new hair. Or actually old hair. Really really old hair, like how I used to cut my hair before 2010. I really really like the photo! ^___^ also, I think my eyebags are going to kill me. I have slept less than 5hrs each day for the whole week alr, and such sleeping habits are expected to last until the first week of next month D: