Happy Halloween!

This was the 压轴 picture I was talking about. The one with the annoying balloons which didn't want to keep still >.< sadly the Polaroid wasn't in focus either D:

But it is still an impt picture cos it commemorates the first event I have taken part in in NUS. See how anti-school I am. After 3 months of being here, I literally go to school for lessons and project meetings only. And then I leave immediately after. I didn't even queue for free Krispy Kremes the other day.

Perhaps I should have spent my Halloween at Spooktacular or Halloween Horrors Night at USS, but I will be spending it with my books. OH THE HORROR T___T

Anw, tmr is the first Friday of November, and by right it should be a {(colour) Friday}, but it has since ended after 2 months, and will not be continued starting 1 Nov, which happens to be tmr as well haha. I don't think I can keep up with this because this is one crazy study month ahead, 3 essays due and with exam week to conclude November. So I guess I will turn down every outing for this month, unless it's a study date.

After exams, I won't be in sg until after Christmas. When I come back, it'll be time for Clique Christmas + New Year + Christine's Birthday all-in-one. Our outings are not only getting more and more interesting based on the places we visit, they are getting more and more productive too. From going out every time we find an excuse, to two-in-one outings, and three-in-one, it's evolving to become highly efficient haha.

Sad to say, I'm so busy that this space will be neglected for some time until next Jan, with the exception of the random post perhaps twice a month, maybe?

Au revoir, and wish me all the best!