Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store

Ice-cream never fails to make me happy(er). Especially pretty ice cream. Especially good ice cream ^___^

These store was opened almost 2 months ago, and I've been wanting to go there. I know my wanting to go there is justification enough to go, but here's the excuse anw. Today I got back my sociology essay, and since I've never seen what an A+ essay looks like, idk whether I should be happy or not with my score. If it was meant to be a sad score, then the ice cream is a consolation. If it was meant to be a happy score, then it's a congratulatory. Either way, I get ice cream :D

The store is pretty small and cozy, the colour palette is one of mahogany. Full-length glass makes the place look bright and warm. I love the deco.

I love the ice cream even more;
A Midsummer's Night Dream

Such a beautiful name for a beautiful ice cream. Such beautiful plating too. The ice cream is a vanilla stick, and the chocolate slab was fired to melt around the ice cream like a blanket. A blanket of hearts. Awww~ how sweet! And it literally is sweet too :D

Today, I went alone. Next time, I'm going with clique so we can try out more flavours. And amanda still owes me one pink magnum.