Red Friday

monday: DBS ATM sign x lanyard of my clicker x firetruck water dispenser
tuesday: box x non-smoking sign x barricade
wednesday: sentosa slippers x hj's watermelon juice x bus numbers at busstop
thursday: macs' fries toy x stop sign x plaster box
friday: my chair x fire extinguisher sign x reflector reflecting lamp post number

Did you notice the reflector reflecting lamp post number? I'm so punny hehehe.

This week is red, because it's a fall colour. I am really missing fall in Europe now. If only I were studying in the UK. But it's okay! Because I've learnt to embrace the fact that my teeth matter more. This week went by again, without much activity. Tmr there is free B&J ice cream at Chunk Fest, so I'm going to binge on happy foods! ^___^