Vizit Korea

I vizit(ed) Korea yesterday! Thanks wm for queuing up for the mosh pit tix. Actually I should thank the other guy (I forgot what's his name) since he was the one who arrived at Expo to queue for tix at 6.15am on a Thursday morning;

We settled our tea break and dinner at the part that sells Korean food;

I tried dressing up as a Korean too;

They was also a place that sold food stuff that we could bring home. So I bought a packet of banana milk and a bottle of rice water;
The banana milk was really quite nice! But the rice water tasted like my morning breakfast cereal grounded and mixed with milk. I can drink one bottle and settle my breakfast instead of having to chew.

Finally after wandering around, it was time to go into the mosh pit. I was wondering why everyone in the mosh pit was taller than me until I realised the showcase last night was APink. Which explained why most of the people in the mosh pit were guys. In fact, I went with a bunch of guys. But still! Nu'est also performed once ^_^

And I watched the best taekwondo performance ever. He blindfolded himself and used a bell to direct him to kick at a knife and shatter the poor apple;

Being in the mosh pit meant that we were really really near the stage. I could see quite clearly except for when people started waving their boards around in front of me.

Also, we were right at the front barricades, so we were super near to joonie! He really is super cute. Until he rejected our video request )': then not cute anymore. I was standing right in front of him except for a barricade in between us;
Omg I feel so pedo now.

Anw the main point of the night was APink;
See the clarity of the picture? And this is not zoomed-in yet. We were sooo close.

Eun-ji's vocals are really awesome. It's not a lip-sync performance as proven by the mic which was super faulty. The opening ceremony was totally screwed cos of the mic.

Besides the bad mic, I think the 主持人's English was pretty bad too. And he and Lee Chae-young were like 鸡同鸭讲 on stage. It was quite funny.

The press conference was totally censored. Just like how our govt would like it to be. A question about We Got Married which could possibly send rumours flying was outrightly rejected by the hosts. And there was this totally useless translator on stage. I wonder why she even had to stand there.

Then on the way home I was really hungry. I met yx for supper cos he was eating ice cream right outside my house. 我要感谢缘份听到我可怜的肚子的哀求, 赐给我一个 supper buddy haha.