Last Day of Year 1 Sem 1

School's out! I have officially survived the whole of my first sem in uni without skipping any lecture or tutorial at all. I think this has got everything to do with starting school at 10am, and getting Fridays off, and being able to plan my own timetable to suit what I want. Uni is so much more bearable than draggy school. In fact, it passed by so quickly I haven't been able to catch a breather! Especially since one semester has been shortened from 20 weeks to a mere 13 weeks, with a one week break which wheezed by without me accomplishing much.

Besides that, I have also officially survived without having a CCA, and without substantially talking to anyone in school except for my project mates, which I have no choice in. They were fun people in any case, and I hardly said anything outside of our project work to them. The only two exceptions were christine and hj, which I would talk to anw even if not in school. I miss amanda and jm loads. I know jm is in Japan, but what happened to amanda >.< I can't wait for clique christmas to see all of us together again. I really really miss us. I miss all the hanging out in town after school, and the snacking. Now, I usually don't go eat out after school anymore, and even if I do, I buy the takeaways, because no one is there to sit in the cafe with me )':

Something else big that happened, was that Ryca brought Modify Watches into Singapore.

The website is on the way. In the meantime, sales are conducted through the Ryca Online Store.

They come in two sizes, Classic and Mini. I'm waiting for the day I see an order for a Classic Face and a Mini Strap or the other way round. I want to know what happens when I really send out such an order. Will that person ask me for an exchange or will he buy new faces and straps to match the wrong sizes he bought or what. Then how will I respond. I know it's such a mean thing to be hoping for, but then again, I really want to know ._.

Anw, just a side note about why this is so exciting for me, it is cos I currently have a different watch to wear everyday for the next three years! I'm still learning to wear watches, and some days I still forget, but I do agree I always look better with a watch to accessorise myself! :D