This Week in Minimalist Graphics

A computer and a textbook. This was supposedly supposed to sum up the entire reading week, except that it is not the case x: I think I'm getting better and better at graphics, it wasn't even 30mins drawing these two pictures hehe ^_^

The keyboard above is really my computer's keyboard. I counted all the keys and tried to approximate their sizes except for the top row. I have no idea how those keys managed to squeeze themselves, so I ended up drawing something else in place of it. Drawing the book was much simpler. After I finished one page, I just flipped the entire thing around and created the other page. Except that's pretty weird, cos if there were ever a book like this, it'd probably be a printing error ._.

While I was drawing these two things I actually thought of an idea for a Prezi background. But then it'd take up a lot of time to create it, so I decided not to anw. If I happen not to forget the idea by the time I really create it, the Prezi design would be for Christine, cos I would think it is quite her style + she is the only person I know who uses Prezi.

Au revoir. I'd better get back to studying now.