What Happens When Friends Fall In Love

I'm at this stage of my life where I do not have a bf, but people around me are disappearing one by one as they all fall in love. I'm not sure why, but today there was a sudden surge in lovey-dovey couples appearing on my newsfeed of fb and instagram, so I decided to write this post as a dedication to all my 重色轻友 friends. Hopefully you all don't forget the poor lonely me, because I'm still catching up on your life even though you may not be catching up on mine >.<

This is how the normal, everyday single human being looks like;

This is how the instagram account of the majority of the lovers have evolved. Not that I know a lot of people who are currently in love, so majority is probably like 5 out of 10 people. I'm not complaining about the spam, in fact, I like to 见证他们的爱情, so I'm happy for them when I see these kinds of duplicate stuff on my feeds (:

These are the two girls who have become 小女人. At first they were normal. But after getting a bf, their opinions and things they do seem to revolve around their bfs, making the guy seem larger than life. I sincerely hope you don't break-up, cos I think the girl will end up devastated, her meaning in life would suddenly disappear.

This is the guy who disappeared. We used to talk everyday, but we haven't been talking much. What happened to going on outings during weekends )':

This is the one who is still normal after falling in love, except that I think she became happier, so there is a glow about her (: