Asian Civilisations Museums + National Museum of Singapore + Madame Patisserie

Today was an extremely fun and fulfilling day! :D I haven't had such a long day out just enjoying myself in such a long time! Okay, maybe it was just barely two months ago. But it felt like forever! D: I finally met up with Sijia and Laura today after months of not seeing them ^___^ and clique still had a post-exam outing before I fly off even after all the 折腾-ing over our last meeting.

It's really hilarious how hj always says it's our last outing if amanda doesn't turn up. The problem is, if amanda doesn't turn up, then the last outing would have been the previous outing. If amanda does turn up, then it wouldn't be the last outing cos there will be a next one. So I really don't know what she is talking about.

The day begin with lunch at The Pizza Place in Republic Plaza;

mine + laura's lunch

sijia's lunch

It's really reasonably priced, especially when situated in the CBD where everything is highly overpriced. Me and Laura paid $10.20 each, while Sijia's meatballs were $6.80.

Then we begin our walk in the drizzle towards Asian Civilisations Museum;

We were rejected from entering because we had a cup of bux each, but it was a blessing in disguise because when we entered again after finishing our drinks, it was just in time for a guided tour;
our cute tour guide!

The guided tour was really informative and helpful and much better than if we had attempted to explore the place ourselves. Some weird things that we were shown include this {Mistake Plate};
The ink on the original drawing had smudged, but while the artist was transferring the drawing onto the porcelain, he interpreted it wrong and drew the smudged areas as clouds on the plate XD

When Laura saw this she exclaimed {This is sooo wrong!};
I think its wrongness is self-explanatory.

Then we had some craft time making crowns and jewellery;
Totally being judged by the security guard and people walking by.

Then we headed off towards the National Museum of Singapore;
We spent quite a lot of time there, so we ended up not making it to the Singapore Arts Museum, which we now plan to go another day.

The National Museum is quite odd, because the outside has such contemporary architecture, but is so rustic inside;


The first exhibition we saw was about Singapore art and artists;

Four of my favourites, each from a different genre of painting;

Then we saw chandeliers made of uranium glass from each of the 31 nuclear nations, lighted under UV;
I think this exhibition really touched me because of the freaky green glow the uranium glass emitted in the dark room. Nuclear is scary, and it's so apt that nuclear components naturally give out such scary colours in itself as well.

Then some other {Singapore Living} exhibition which came in four parts;
fashion / film / photography / food

Then we were pretty hungry because the last exhibition was food haha. So we went for dinner at a place Laura recommended. It was a set meal of pasta with iced tea at $4.50! The pasta was really quite good. Totally worth the money. In fact, our two meals for the day cost less than $15 altogether O: Sijia had aglio olio while I had tomato-based. But then she added sooo much tobasco sauce, her pasta was just as red as mine x.x

After they left, I met amanda and hj for a stroll by the riverside, and instead of ending up at some bar, we found a sweetly pink patisserie in the midst of all the alcohol places;

The deco was super cozy;

We ordered 3 cakes and a pot of tea to share;

My favourite was the chocolate cake;

Amanda and hj were being their usual weird self, ordering things they knew nothing about. Like the tea. They chose Rose Hip just cos the name sounded hip, and I let them cos I thought they knew what it was, and I love drinking tea, so it didn't really matter to me what tea they chose. In the end, they added so much sugar to cover up the taste of the star anise that I suspect they were drinking sugar water instead =.= then they wanted to order carrot cake + chilli, if you actually get the joke .___.

Then we headed down to Central to sit by the riverside to enjoy the breeze and chat while watching the boats dock and leave. They still have much nonsense as ever. But I still love them all the same ♥