Christine's Belated Birthday + Clique Café Christmas

Great job amanda for researching on the cafés and their famous foods! :D Even though in the end we only visited 5 out of the 7 you researched on, including one take-away, it was still good. Total expenditure for 5 cafés in 4hrs with 4 people was $116, which was quite a good price.

First stop was Department of Caffeine, cos 49 seats was closed. We totally forgot I had a voucher until after we paid for the food, so we'll just have to go back again to use it x:
buttermilk waffles / honey-lavender cake / latte

These were the three dishes that amanda found online that were supposed to be the best. I found the buttermilk waffles nice, but not exceptional. We all loved the honey-lavender cake :D and the latte art wasn't all that fantastic. I don't think that standard design for latte art had anything impressive about it /:

Second stop, The Plain;
summer blue ice tea / sandwich / eggs

I forgot the exact names to the sandwich and eggs. The iced tea was really nice because of the frozen lychees inside. I ended up eating most of the tomatoes because they don't like tomatoes.

Selfish Gene Café was where amanda was making up all the dirty pick-up lines >.<

notice how me, hj and amanda are colour-coded without having discussed it beforehand? 

bagel / osmanthus tea / chocolate cake / brioche / houseblend

Everything here was good. The tea was really fragrant, the bagel, salmon and eggs went well together, the brioche was nice but a little too filling, the chocolate cake was really rich. Nothing to complain about here. And we were really lucky because after us the café was full, and people had to be turned away.

Then we visited Littered with Books for a while to digest our lunch.

Last place that we sat down and ate at was okb. Their menu looks totally different from the last time I went there. And the waiter was really nice. Too nice for sg kind of standard. And he even had to awkward a little while pretending to find something to do cos of us. I regret having not tipped him, especially since there was no GST and service charge included.
turkih soda / bacon ice-cream / date cake

Christine thinks turkish soda tastes like medicine, which hj likes because it tastes like medicine. Bacon ice-cream and date cake was weird, but they actually went well together.

Last stop was truffle fries to-go at Strangers' Reunion, cos the queue was really long and we didn't want to wait for a seat. We actually planned to surprise Christine for her bday here, but since we didn't eat inside, the bday plan failed .___.

We had a lot of time before dinner, so we headed for the National Museum of Singapore to explore the Singapore History Galleries cos hj wanted to go to a museum, but she was the first one to get bored right at the start of the tour =.= so we concluded that hj will not be able to survive Singapore Society modules.

Then we went to Muji at 313 to stamp notebooks for amanda's  Christmas  New Year gift exchange. At first, we had to do it carefully to leave a good impression for her. But afterwards, amanda kept on saying that it doesn't matter if we destroy the notebooks cos anw he's a guy. 没诚意.

Dinner was the pizza place at Orchard Central which we like cos it's under $10. Then some shopping + the final impromptu unsuccessful bday surprise;
And it's all amanda's fault.

On the way home, Christine totally traumatised me with some clownfish fact that destroyed my beautiful image of Finding Nemo. Now I'll never be able to see that show in the same light again D: