Photographing with Transparencies

School's out and I'm doing loads of random stuff on my first day off. While looking through some old pictures, I came across some which I took from inside the car, with the glass window pane in between me and my subject of photography. Then I started to wonder what if I had made drawings on those windows, which when superimposed with the background would actually create something meaningful.

Of course, I couldn't possibly drive the car around to draw on the windows and take pictures with the surroundings since I failed my driving test, so I decided to use transparencies instead. Hardly do people ever draw on transparencies anymore, ever since the taking over of the OHP by the visualiser. But I happen to have a whole stack of it, because they make great file covers. So I set out with a bunch of markers and transparencies to take random pictures around my house;

I found out that I need a solid-colour bakground, and preferably a light-coloured one, if not the drawings are hardly visible. If the background is too complicated, the drawings don't stand out either /: But that probably had something to do with me using whiteboard erasable markers, so the colour isn't as dark, as crisp and as striking than if I had used permanent inks. Also, I think I need to improve on the camera and light angles, so as to remove the reflections from the transparencies. And by that, I don't actually mean improving my editing skills, but rather, the originals sure do need loads of work;

I know a lot of times I take other people's ideas to create new stuff, but this one is truly my own idea. I honestly think I am such a genius for coming up with such a great idea as drawing on transparencies. Idk if other people have thought of doing this before, but if they did, then all I can say is 英雄所见略同.

Next time, I might just bring transparencies and markers out with me so that I can add doodles to photographs by hand, and no longer rely on editing apps which are much more standard and restrictive in nature to add on doodles later.