USA 2013

San Francisco • Silicon Valley • Monterey • Hollywood • Las Vegas • Phoenix • Universal Islands of Adventure • Magic Kingdom Disneyland Orlando • Universal Studios Orlando • Grand Canyon • New York City

This is another one of my trips which makes use of many many kinds of transportation. Obviously, one of them would have to be the airplane so that I could even get to USA to begin with. For travel around California and the Grand Canyon area, we rented a car;

In Monterey, we chartered a boat out to sea to watch humpback whales;
We were actually expecting a smaller boat since it was a private trip, but it was quite huge. Complimentary with the whales were dolphins and sea lions and sea birds and sea otters. I thought the sea otters were the cutest :3 the guy who owns the yacht was really nice! He caught two crabs for us while we were out at sea, and cooked it right on the boat itself. The crabs were sooo fresh omg. I absolutely love Monterey. It has now officially become my favourite place in the USA, and San Francisco drops to #2. But of course, the best place in the world is still Singapore (:

At Grand Canyon, we had a helicopter for ourselves to get a bird's eye view of one of the wonders of the world;

We travelled around NYC in a hop-on / hop-off tour bus;

And we also took a cruise down the Hudson River to see the Statue of Liberty;

Disneyland is truly the Happiest Place on Earth :D We bought the extra Mickey's Christmas tix which included a parade and fireworks in front of the castle at night and I loved it;
If I ever marry an angmoh it will probably be one of the Disney Princes at the parade because they look so good in that costume! I have to agree that Disney Princes are super shuai okay. I mean, I have been growing up with them.

Most imptly, I got to take pictures with a real-live Piglet and Piglet kissed me!
Awww~ I was totally spazzing out after that.

Christmas in NYC is not particularly amazing, even though everyone loves to say that one day, they will spend their Christmas in NYC. Been there, done that. Their largest Christmas tree in town is sooo small I was a little disappointed to see it. But I wasn't disappointed at the largest departmental store in the world. It is an entire building of 9 floors, and we were there during their weekend-before-Christmas sale, when everyone was doing last minute shopping. Idk why they even bother with the sales. It's not like designer goods in USA is not alr cheap enough. My mom practically bought down the entire Coach shop. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but to say that we will all be carrying Coach bags for CNY probably isn't. And she also successfully got rid of / replaced all my winter clothes there. I came home with the same luggage, but with very different contents. Actually we came home with 2 more luggage than we started out with /:

For more specific details about any part of the trip, please consult me privately. I'm not going to write everything here, cos I'll probably have nothing else to say during Clique Christmas if I did haha.