Chingay 2014 Training + Escape Artist

It has been a very fulfilling weekend, I guess. Not in terms of studies, but more in terms of getting together with people and enjoying life. But I shall study after I finish this post.

Saturday was Chingay training, which was less hectic than the Tuesday one, but I think admin still had many things we could improve on. Attendance was a terrible mess. I could have done better by asking Deryk to print the stuff instead. But that HGSS did not tell us the groupings in advance or that NYP had such a low turnout, I think I alr did my best. Preparing contact lists for 50+ groups in less than 2hrs isn't as easy as it seems. And I probably do not ever want to do that again. Actually, maybe I do not want to be admin ever again. I'll think about that.

I think I should also have spent more time with my Red, cos in the end I didn't even get to personally know all my leaders and their names. Though I did find out that I have someone in R10 called Daniel. I feel so bad about it. How can I not even know my leaders when NE Show is just next week D:

I spent my entire day at the hospitality side, cos Red only had GH and VIPH vols on Saturday. HGSS was really well-behaved as compared to the school on Tuesday. The amount of noise generated by those 14-year-olds is probably the cause of noise pollution. No wonder I dislike kids. But then again, this Saturday is the NE Show! That's like 75 schools of kids T___T can I offer to go over to G1 to take SMU instead?

Also, kudos to Seok for being the most entertaining emcee. Idk about the kids, but I was enjoying myself watching her. And also to the SOICs at the hospitality side who put up such an amazing SBL!
Ce Shun was the 阿公, the spectator, the volunteer and the leader all-in-one. Probably they should have introduced the characters, if not it was a little confusing. And the best part about SBL is how the leader seems to be able to solve all the problems. I know that the leaders are more experienced and all that kinds of stuff, but still! Even I think as the YPC I may not be able to solve all problems alone. And idk why the vol and the leader say the exact same thing to the spectators but the spectators only listen to the leader. The spectators should be more firm and decide that if they don't want to listen, they don't even have to bother about the leader.

Then after that I went home and I met some of them for supper again at night.

It's as if I don't see enough of them alr x:

Sunday begin with lunch with Crystal at Hot Tomato after she came back from Taiwan! ^_^ and she so nice buy 凤梨酥 for me.

After lunch I went down to Bukit Timah to meet Blue 2 for 50mins at The Escape Artist.
Time passed so quickly inside I almost didn't realise it was time's up. We picked the hardest one and we couldn't solve it D: no one could even see the Christmas hat on the news article >.< when I go again with sijia we must must must solve it okay! I will be so sad if I fail again.

Then dinner I went to Forum with my family to do some shopping.

Sometimes I wonder why I have to busy myself until like that.