Clique 团圆饭 + CP14 NE Show

Friday was Amanda's belated birthday + hj's birthday + clique 团圆饭;

We ended up at some Korean BBQ buffet cos we couldn't get a place at Crystal Jade steamboat buffet. We all tried to call them many times but either we couldn't get through or no one picked up. Then when we went there to queue up they told us the place was full -.- but anw dinner was good. We loved the Korean pancakes, and kept ordering it. The wagyu beef was awesome too, sadly Amanda preferred the chicken.

Me and Christine wanted to celebrate hj and Amanda's birthday for them so we went to get a cake, and ended up bumping into Amanda ._. so we tricked her into believing I went to explore while I went to buy the cake and Christine kept her company. It was a successful birthday surprise! At least more successful than Christine's birthday /:

During Thursday's Leaders' Recce, I was really happy to have been complimented for my beautiful smile and teeth ^_^ it really made my day. I guess it was even better than the chocolate ice cream. Sorry Sijia but ice-cream didn't end up on the 3 best things of the week /:

Saturday morning's admin meeting brought everything down to zero again. I think this is seriously the last time I am going to do admin. Or YPC for that matter. We were following instructions and this is what we get. I don't even understand. Anw it's 3 or 4 more events to the end so I'll let it go for now.

I finally met Red and most of my Red Leaders;

NE Show was pretty good because it really went quite smoothly for me. I had no exceptionally problematic problems to handle at all. Perhaps except for the missing buses at NYP in the afternoon, but otherwise everything moved along easily. I think our dispersal was exceptionally good as well, thanks to the vols who were following instructions. Red totally ditched the comms set because the rest were being too noisy during dispersal. We ended up using whatsapp to get things done. I'm glad Red has such awesome vols. I think all the good ones have been posted here hehe :D

And buggy ride is super funnn! Especially Alex who just speed like it's a racecar on the F1 track. I want to see the cute buggy driver omg. And take a photo with him.

We went for supper after the event ended since we could claim cab hehe x: then we took a supper group photo with the River Hongbao standee;
Look! We're volunteers at River Hongbao, not Chingay! HAHA. Who am I kidding.

Weekend was really an emotional roller-coaster. I know my emotions can vary greatly during events periods. Cos I can be very stressed with my work one moment and then suddenly very upset and frustrated with some people and then exhilarated during the event itself. Deryk probably got it the worst cos I called his office to scream at him across the phone x: but yes, this just proves that emotions and warmth can be transmitted across the satellite. So Winson I win heh.